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On September 22, 2016, the Austin City Council passed Ordinance No. 20160922-005, which amended Chapter 4-8 (Regulation of Lobbyists) of the City Code. City Code Chapter 4-8 requires a person to register as a lobbyist if the person meets the requirements outlined in §4-8-3. In addition, a person who meets the registration requirements must file quarterly activity reports, pay the appropriate registration fee(s), and file a Notice of Termination upon termination of lobbying activities.

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Datasets extracted from lobbyist registration and quarterly activity filings are available on the City of Austin's Open Data Portal. Data collection began in July 2017 during the first filing deadline after the revised lobbyist ordinance went into effect.

The following data tables are available:

Data Model

To learn how the lobbyist data tables relate to one another, please consult the Lobbyist Data Model.

Image of the lobbyist data model.

Data Dictionary

A comprehensive list of data definitions used in the lobbyist data model will be available soon.


Please contact the lobbyist coordinator with questions.