Council-Approved Documents

What is an Ordinance?
An Ordinance is a law that amends, repeals or supplements the Municipal Code, provides zoning specifications, or appropriates money for specific purposes.

An Affidavit of Publication serves as proof of publication that an ordinance was printed in the local newspaper as required by State law. It often includes a clipping of the actual notice as it appeared in the paper.

What is a Resolution?
A Resolution is a formal expression of a decision, opinion, policy or directive of the City, expressed in a document, and voted upon by the City Council.

What are Minutes?
Meeting Minutes are a summary of the items considered, discussed, and voted on at each regular Council meeting. In addition to minutes of the Austin City Council, the minutes of other bodies – including the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) and the Mueller Local Government Corporation (MLGC) – are also available.

Council may also call Special Meetings, Emergency Meetings, or Working Sessions as needed. The Minutes for these meetings are also available.

What are Agendas and Agenda-Related Documents?
An Agenda provides a list of the matters to be discussed or voted on during a meeting. It is published before each Council meeting.

Agenda Changes and Corrections reflect changes made to a published Agenda. The Mayor reads this document into the record at each Council meeting.

An Agenda Addendum includes items added to an agenda after it is initially published.

Agenda Backup are supporting documents prepared by staff or outside consultants that are given to Council members regarding matters discussed or voted on during a meeting. Generally this documentation is made available in advance of the meeting. However, some documentation – Agenda Late Backup – is presented just before or during a Council meeting. Agenda Backup may include Recommendations for Council Action (RCA), drafts of proposed Resolutions or Ordinances, e-mails, reports, and other supporting documentation.

Agenda Questions and Answers are staff’s responses to questions raised by the Council after they have reviewed the backup material for the items on an agenda.

Citizen Communications are supporting documents presented by citizens who are scheduled to speak to Council about items that may or may not be on an agenda.

What is a Contract Cover Sheet?
A Contract Cover Sheet identifies the vendor, the goods purchased, the term of a contract or agreement approved by the City Council and contact information for a key staff member. If anyone needs additional information about a contract, they can contact the person noted on the Cover Sheet.

What is a Restrictive Covenant?
Restrictive Covenants define limitations on the use of land and require Council approval. These restrictions are recorded in the deeds to real property and buyers agree to these limitations when they purchase the property.

A Restrictive Covenant Amendment records a change to the Restrictive Covenant and is approved by the City Council.

A Restrictive Covenant Termination is approved when the Council determines that limitations on the property are no longer needed.

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