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Integrated pest management (IPM) is a continuous system of controlling pests (weeds, diseases, insects or others) in which pests are identified, action thresholds are considered, all possible management options are evaluated and selected controls are implemented. Management options, which include biological, cultural, manual, mechanical and chemical methods, are used to prevent or remedy unacceptable pest activity or damage. Choice of options is based on effectiveness, environmental impact, site characteristics, worker/public health and safety, and economics. IPM takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options.

After submitting your IPM Plan information online you will receive a response containing information to be included in your IPM plan. A basic IPM plan will consist of this response along with the appropriate Grow Green fact sheets and any other documentation listed in the response. You may be required to include additional elements in your IPM plan based on site plan review.

This information must be distributed to the owner of the property and to any person or company who is given responsibility for on-site pest management, landscaping, or facility maintenance (i.e. homeowners, property managers, maintenance companies).

Per the restrictive covenant that will accompany the IPM plan, the owner of the property and their assignees are legally required to comply with the IPM plan.

Project Description

Project Information

Developer Information

*Required Field.

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You MUST have a Site Plan or Plat on file to submit your IPM Plan information online.*
Is your site Plan or plat on file?

*YES a site Plan or plat is on file.

Developer agrees to distribute Grow Green fact sheets and inform the owner(s) of the property that they are required to abide by the least toxic options for pest control.*

*Yes, the developer agrees to distribute Grow Green Factsheets.

Developer is aware that a restrictive covenant is required to be filed. The restrictive covenant is the legal document requiring the use of IPM on this site.*

*Yes, the developer is aware of the restrictive covenant.


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Reason for IPM Plan

Check all that apply:

Ordinance Requirement

Land is being developed under the SOS ordinance (LDC 25-8-511) per ECM (D)

A portion of the land is a public or private park, golf course, or open space, other than a parking lot, in
a critical water quality zone (CWQZ) per Section 25-8-261 (B) of the Land Development Code.

Environment Criteria Manual requirement

ECM 1.6.6 Wet Ponds

Does the Wet Pond include a Dam?

ECM 1.6.7.A Retention Irrigation

ECM 1.6.7.B Vegetative Filter Strip

ECM 1.6.7.C Biofiltration

ECM 1.6.7.D Rainwater Harvesting

ECM 1.6.7.G Non-Required Vegetation

ECM 1.6.7.H Rain Garden

Site plan review process requirement

Variance request

PUD Agreement

No on-site structural water quality control

City of Austin Green Resolution (LID)

Green Building Requirement

A unique requirement other than those previously described

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Additional Site Information

Landscape, Turf and Trees*

Units of Measure*
Square Feet

Please check if the following exist:
There are trees on site
There are Oak trees on site
There is an irrigation system on site

Critical Environmental Features and Buffers (Check any that exist – must be shown on the site plan)


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Integrated Pest Management Plan

I would like to incorporate the following items into our Integrated Pest Management Plan:

Note: This list includes the most common insect and disease problems. If there are anticipated pests not listed, your IPM plan should include information on the pest, what it attacks and the proposed treatment plan.

Common Insect Pests on Ornamental Plants:






Snails and Slugs

Spider Mites

Stink Bugs

Plant Diseases:


Fungal Leaf Spot

Powdery Mildew

Lawn Care and Lawn Problems:


Lawn Care

Lawn Care Problems

Avoid using Weed and Feed

Nuisance Insects:


Fire Ants



Vegetation-related Problems:


Poison Ivy


Landscape Basics:


Landscape Design

Rain Gardens

Installation & Maintenance

Native & Adapted Plants

Firewise BMPs


Email with questions or requests for more information

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